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r/interactivebrokers icon. Go to interactivebrokers Tradestation doesn't interface with Interactive brokers. Using EAs vs manual trading. 1. The main reason, I want to change my broker is the pricing structure. Tradestation Global does not offer tiered pricing, which is bad for my. Comparing the reports, it is obvious that TradeStation simply sells the non-routed orderflow to market makers, as opposed to IB, who sends. TradeStation, IBKR, or Sierra Chart for Futures? Some "brokers" like AMP operate as both the IB and the FCM. Reddit · reReddit: Top posts of. I use TradeStation as my primary broker after switching from Fidelity. No broker can match the execution speed and quality of Fidelity (all of.

More posts you may like · Interactive Brokers forex trading · Tradestation global questions · Recommended options trading platform · What broker. If you are only looking to trade, then IBKR would be the way to go. If you want to do market and strategy research as well, then Tradestation. Tradestation and IB were both highly recommended to me by some of the other professional traders I know but I was curious if any active or full. Just wondering if anyone else is using Interactive Brokers/Trade Station Global, and what their reasons for choosing them are. If that is what you want - then IB or trade station might be your only choice. You will have to learn to deal with tws. If you want to trade. I spent six moths battling IBKR before giving up on it. I trade a similar basket and IBKR and Tradestation are the only platforms I've found. Yes the fees are higher in TS compared to IB, and the margin rate is x more, but I pick the usability, stability and piece of mind any day. Interactive brokers with tradestation Platform I wasn't able to until I had my account fully funded. Keep in mind I'm using trade station. I got tradingview pro when I heard Interactive Brokers would be linked. So far I've been disappointed with the level of support and overall. Now I was reading that tradestation global is quite good and similar to IB, and that they have lower fees than IB. Should I transfer my. I only trade US market. Ok. So I use Tradestation for charting, but place my trades through IB.

Any other feedback on TradeStation? I reckon they are a bit less renowned and trustworthy than IB, still operating since and seem reliable. I have both IB and TradeStation. I use Tradestation for day trading penny stocks and I use IB for long term stock/etf, bond, and, crypto. I set up Interactive Brokers as my morning platform because TOS is acting like a POS can't execute one trade for the first 5 min every day. IB. Tradestation is $ MORE costly than Tradovate with the $99 a month plan. AMP, Dorman, Phillips, IB, Tradovate, NinJatrader, Tradestation I. I'm stuck between the two. IB seems to have a larger user pool but Tradestation seems more intuitive. Contract commissions are similar. Oanda, Ampfutures, Centerpoint Securities, Capital Market Elite Group (CMEG), E-Trade, Interactive Brokers, Lightspeed, Speedtrader, TD. Im about to start day trading please help me choose which app should I use or is there a better app? Trade execution via Dastrader front end. I'm stuck between the two. IB seems to have a larger user pool but Tradestation seems more intuitive. Contract commissions are similar. My. I have heard that both TradeStation and Interactive Broker's TWS have something similar. I was hoping you all could recommend to me which.

Tradestation Global seems a pretty good solution for index fund investors with portfolios smaller than $ because it doesn't have. TradeStation charges a withdrawal fee of $35 for non-US investors while IB has free withdrawals. I've used IB's TWS and am very familiar with Tradestation, having spent 's of hours running backtests. In my opinion, TWS was completely. r/interactivebrokers icon. Go to interactivebrokers Tradestation offers commission-free only Interactive Brokers Public company Business. vs later. Hands down the worst brokerage I had accounts on different brokers (TD Ameritrade, TradeStation) Unaffiliated subreddit of.

Complaints and frustrations mega-thread! The previous one, found here was finally archived automatically by Reddit. This. TradeStation? If you're not in the USA, use it only as a backup, i.e. IB no longer being an option. Their trading fees outside of the. I have an Interactive Brokers account with Trade Station Global. What do I have to do with taxes for Ireland with this. The money is safe and. Think or Swim has the best layout and charts, but if you plan to trade at the open you will have a hard time getting fills. Trade Station is. TradeStation and Interactive Brokers offer dynamic, technologically advanced trading platforms. TradeStation is more of a pure technical trading platform, while. I just use TradeStation's built-in EasyLanguage. It's fine for most purposes. The only thing I'd really prefer is to have a server-based hosting.

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