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The washing symbol with a line or a dash under the tub means that the laundry can be washed with a shorter washing cycle (like a synthetic programme) and a. Dots inside the shape reflect the recommended water temperature, and lines underneath indicate the specific wash cycle. Any exed-out image means “Do not.” As. Inside this symbol, temperature is represented numerically or in a series of 1 to 6 dots—1 dot being about 85 degrees and 6 dots being degrees— will be. A triangle with diagonal stripes means you can use non-chlorine bleach or color-safe bleach when needed. Clorox 2® for Colors Stain Remover and Laundry Additive. Washing symbols · 1. Machine washable: · 2. Hand wash only: · 3. Wash at max. 30°C: · 4. Wash at max. 40°C: · 5. Wash at max. 60°C: · 6. Gentle wash cycle: · 7.

Wash Cycle Laundry Symbols The lines under the wash tub symbols represent the ideal washing machine cycle for your clothes. Ultimately, the more lines under. Washing Symbols. The washing symbols are used to intruct you how to wash the clothing item. The tub icon lets you know exactly how to wash the garment with. A laundry symbol, also called a care symbol, is a pictogram indicating the manufacturer's suggestions as to methods of washing, drying, dry-cleaning and. Drying symbols · Tumble drying allowed: Square with circle inside · No tumble dry symbol: As above, with a cross over it · Temperature: One/two/three dots. The laundry tag symbol for dry cleaning is a circle. This indicates that a garment is best cleaned by a professional dry cleaner. Avoid washing ANYTHING with. Gentle or Delicate Wash Cycle: Depicted as a square with an inner circle and two lines at either end, this setting indicates gentle or delicate wash cycles –. What Do the Washing Symbols Mean? · No lines under the tub symbol: Normal cycle · One line under the tub symbol: Permanent Press cycle · Two lines under the tub. This common washing symbol of a tub filled with liquid this means it is safe to machine wash with hot water and detergent. The number inside the tub signifies. Decipher laundry care symbols with this handy, printable chart from Crane & Canopy. Make washing simple with this compilation of what those symbols mean.

The number indicates the maximum temperature it can be washed at in degrees Celsius. You can wash items of clothing up to the temperature shown on the care. Just like machine wash symbols, tumble dry symbols may include horizontal lines to indicate special settings to use. One line means to use the permanent press. Clothes with this washing symbol on the label are not machine-washable. Never place them in the washing machine – and do not wash them by hand. They most likely. These are the most important laundry symbols · Washing (wash tub) · Bleach (triangle) · Drying (square) · Ironing (iron) · Dry cleaning (circle). Bleach symbols let you know if bleaching is allowed and what bleach is the safest to use on the garment. For example, a plain triangle means bleach is safe, a. The symbol that looks like an envelope? It's telling you to hang dry that item. And the one that seems like it's saying, “no candy” or “bow ties not allowed” is. Do you ever wonder what a washing symbol chart is trying to tell you? Learn how to decipher the series of hieroglyphics popping up on your laundry's care labels. Drying Symbols · Tumble Dry: a circle inside the square · Line Dry: a square with a horizontal line · Drip Dry: a square with three vertical lines · Do Not Dry. The general rules of laundry symbols · Bathtub – Machine & Handwashing · Triangle – Bleaching · Square & square with a circle – Drying · Iron – Ironing &.

Our guide explains the most common fabric care symbols that you'll find on clothing tags, including the wash, dry, iron and bleach icons. The other symbols are a wash bin with 30° (no lines underneath), iron with 2 dots inside, triangle with an X, and a plain circle with an X. The words specify “. The washing instruction symbols for clothes, or laundry symbols, are standardised. A care tag would usually have five different symbols to indicate the. Washing Symbols Chart. A chart that describes each washing symbol for machine washing clothes and other household fabrics depicts a small bucket or pail of. Sort effectively: Separate laundry by colour (darks, lights, and delicates) and fabric weight (heavy towels versus light blouses) to prevent colour bleeding and.

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